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The role of a customer is to apply for water and sewerage services to be provided where available through the customer application form and entering into a contract with our company.

Responsibilities and obligations of a customer.

1.Entering into a contract with the company for water supply and sewerage services by signing the consumer agreement forms.

2.Paying for the required deposit and connection fees.

3.Paying for the services rendered as stipulated by the monthly bill.

4.To ensure safe and legal usage of water avoiding wastage.

5.Custodian of all pipes and fittings within their premises.

6.To register their complains at the customer care desk.

7.To report to the company leaks and bursts.

8.To report all forms of corruption.

9.To demand for quality services.

Rights of a customer

1.To be supplied with clean and safe water.

2.To complain on water matters and poor services.

3.To access relevant customer records.

Customer complains

All customers complain will be reported and recorded in our registers at Limuru, Kimende and Thigio offices during working hours.

Customers can also send their complaints to: -

The Managing Director
Limuru Water & Sewarage Company
P.O Box 1286-00217 Limuru.

  • Maji Centreth near the government offices, 
    Opposite Limuru Health Centre.
  • Headquarter:0725054212
  • Bathi Scheme:0701493316|Hotline:0701493317
  • Thigio Scheme:0722232597|Hotline:0736314388
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