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Our customers and stakeholders expect high standards of service delivery from LWSC which will be provided as indicated below.

1. Our staff are professional, courteous, friendly, helpful and treat all with respect.

2. Our staff maintains a high degree of integrity and transparency in all our undertakings.

3. The company undertakes proper maintenance of our infrastructure to maintain sustainability.

4. The company maintains proper utilization of the allocated funds and other revenues for the purpose of expansion and increase in customer base.

5. The company provides adequate and quality water and efficient sewerage services to the satisfaction of our customers at all times.

6.  Water will be treated to W.H.O set standards in our water supplies before transmission to the consumers.

7. Sewers are treated to the required standards to conform to the requirements of various regulatory authorities.

8. New connections are registered at all our offices and it will take 14 days upon which a customer should have a meter installed.

9. Customers are given prior information on interruption of services

10. Customers receives prompt response to the complaints.  

11. The company strives to create and maintain good public image.

12. The company maintains harmonious co-existence with the customers and other stakeholders.

13. Billing cycle is maintained on a 30 day cycle. The billing shall be based on the consumption as recorded by the water meters. Where a water meter is defective, billing will be done on average of three months consecutive correct meter reading.

14. Our tariffs are regulated by the CS through water services regulatory board (WASREB).

15.  All bursts and leaks are attended immediately depending on the size and magnitude.

16.   Unblocking of sewers are done immediately as they occur.

17.   Payment of bills: Payment of bills is done at Limuru, Uplands and Kimende Post Offices and through Mpesa. This is to make it easier for the customers to pay their bills without traveling long distances.

18.   The company ensures safe working environments where customers enjoys interacting with the staff.

19.   The company ensures that the environment upon which they operate is protected at all times by joining its customers and other stakeholders in activities aimed at such.

20.   The company ensures that its activities will not interfere with the environmental integrity of the surrounding areas.

21.   The company honours all its statutory obligations.

22.   The company adheres to laid down Government policy and guidelines from the relevant authorities.

  • Maji Centreth near the government offices, 
    Opposite Limuru Health Centre.
  • Headquarter:0725054212
  • Bathi Scheme:0701493316|Hotline:0701493317
  • Thigio Scheme:0722232597|Hotline:0736314388
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