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Maji Performance and Innovation Awards (MaPIA) 2016

The Kenya Water and Sanitation CSOs Network (KEWASNET), the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Swedish (Agency for) International Development Assistance (SIDA) and the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), GIZ-IWASP and 2030 WRG introduce the Water Sector Innovation Awards 2016 (MaPIA 2016).

The objective of MaPIA 2016 is to identify, recognize and reward the most outstanding innovations in the WASH sector that have contributed in the achievement of Kenya’s WASH goals under Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, MaPIA 2016 seeks to:-

  1. Provide a Platform for sector players in the public, private and civil society to showcase their activities
  2. Provide visibility for work done in the WASH sector and the sector actors
  3. Help remove the fragmentation and silos in the WASH sector.
  4. Act as an incentive to bring WASH sector players together to share what they do.
  5. Recognize and promote the work being done in the WASH sector
  6. Bring to light new methodologies like WASH financing, approaches in undertaking development e.g. solar kiosk and blue technology

Innovation awards have been categorized into the public, private and civil society. The rationale for the organizations to take part in the innovation awards include:-


  • Awards create a forum for government to interact with private sector and CSOs in the WASH sector;
  • Since it has the responsibility in provision of water and sanitation services MaPIA provides the government opportunity to recognize the need of involving different stakeholders ;
  • It is part of policy; innovative ideas to get into policy and funding
  • Water is a source of conflict in some case, government can use this awards to bring peace
  • Recognition of its agencies and officers that have been outstanding in WASH service delivery

Private Sector

  • MaPIA provides Visibility and recognition of the private sector;
  • MaPIA leads to In-house capacity building in order to attain the awards;
  • Private sector can use the awards as a branding tool;
  • MaPIA awards gives market advantage to private sector Institutions
  • The Awards provide a platform to interact with other players in the WASH Sector

Civil Society

  • MaPIA provides an opportunity for networking and increasing civil society participation.
  • Civil Society has unique expertise and contributes to the sector. The Awards therefore provides an opportunity for CSOs to showcase their innovative ways
  • MaPIA is a Platform for accountability for CSOs
  • Provides an opportunity for policy influencing in the WASH sector

MaPIA 2016 Theme;

MaPIA means different things for the different stakeholders. However there is convergence on the importance of the awards which then form the basis for this year’s theme.

  • Government –policy makers– service delivery, duty bearers sustainability, social value
  • Private sector – implementers – doing business, sustainability
  • CSO - capacity – integrity, governance

The driving theme for the 2016 awards is therefore using innovation to drive impacts in the WASH sector through partnerships and good governance for sustainability, service delivery and improving the business environment for social and economic prosperity.


Eligibility of Awards

The following actors are eligible to participate in the innovation awards;

  1. Government Agencies – These include WSPs, WRUAs, CECs for water services who have prioritized water and who have performed in serving the people of Kenya.
  2. Civil Society – Civil society comprise of NGOs, FBOs, societies, trusts, foundations. CSOs are categorized further based on their roles i.e. CSO that either engage in service delivery or advocacy. CSOs will also be categorized further according to their scope as national and international NGOs.
  3. Private sector – Private sector players will include;

Companies – in production, who provide services to the water sector or consume WASH services
Consulting firms – private firms who participate in undertaking EIAs, engineering consulting firms etc.
Companies giving CSR in an innovative way that support the WASH sector
Associations – e.g. KAM, KEPSA

The eligibility criteria for the participants is as follows;

  • Private sector and civil Society – At least 3 years of existence, legal entity and compliance to government laws and regulations (tax returns and filing returns to the registrar of companies/NGOs/Societies)
  • Government – Subscribed and signed to the ethics code of conduct
  • Parameters

Parameters for WRUAs include;

  • Catchment protection
  • Resource mobilization
  • Expansion/enhancement of catchment areas
  • Good governance
  • Partnerships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Inclusivity
  • Mentorship
  • Development of local content

Parameters for Counties include;

  • Policy formulation
  • Public reporting
  • Supply and enhancement of water services
  • Diversification of use of water
  • Promotion of PPPs
  • Inter-county relationships for water management (trans boundary issues)
  • Inclusivity
  • Mentorship
  • Development of local content

Parameters for civil society include;

  • Resource mobilization
  • Population served
  • Advocacy and Campaigning
  • Quality of products and service
  • Good governance practices
  • Networking & partnerships
  • Impact on population served
  • Sustainability of projects
  • Development of the local content
  • Inclusivity
  • Scalability of projects
  • Compliance
  • Mentorship

Parameters for the private sector include;

  • Companies in production – undertake water audits, tax compliant, employment of innovative technology in water management, CSR, water positive criteria (may also be in CSR),
  • Companies who provide goods and services for the water sector – appropriate technology, capacity building, quality of personnel, use of greening technology
  • Financial institutions – WASH financing against targets, innovative products for WASH financing and CSR
  • Recognize champions in consulting firms, companies giving CSR and associations in the water sector in their expertise.
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